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As trusted advisers, the legal sector has a duty of care to its customers when it comes to the confidentiality and security of data. But this also makes it a prime target for those wishing to profit from the potentially lucrative data entrusted to firms of all sizes within the sector. Alongside data compliance with often complex industry regulations, the legal sector faces a number of challenges when it comes to ensuring network resilience.

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Networks and processes need to be secure and robust to safeguard not just information but the integrity of client relationships. Any attack or data breach can have significant financial, reputational, and regulatory consequences for businesses of every size.

Data about individuals, companies, transactions and intellectual property are highly prized by cybercriminals who will use any means possible to attain access to it. This can be through infiltrating mobile and smart devices, laptops, emails, and networks. With the industry bound by strict security regulations, a data breach or any non-compliance can result in huge fines as well as other operational impacts.

But many firms still allow unrestricted use of external data storage, or fail to encrypt their devices, exposing themselves, their staff and their clients to unnecessary risk. This lack of endpoint device management and cyber-hygiene, coupled with a lack of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems and processes, could prove costly for the legal sector if not addressed.

We can help you to pinpoint weak links in your processes and network and identify the best approach to close these vulnerabilities so you can keep on top of the threat landscape in a proactive way.

Our solutions

From endpoint device management to best practices around cyber-hygiene, our team will help identify the right solutions to your challenges so you can continue to support customers and remain a trusted advisor.

We often see the need for intrusion detection capability to protect critical legal data, and our Managed Network Detection & Response service responds by spotting and removing the threats that perimeter security tools often miss, as well as both accidental and malicious internal threats.

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